600WHP BMW E36 Convertible with Pandem Wide Body Kit

BMW E36 Convertible with Pandem Wide Body Kit

Cars of the 90s have a special spot in the hearts of many car guys, no matter how old they are. With its flawless proportions and unmistakable design, a BMW E36 became one of the most iconic models of this era and gained huge popularity among enthusiasts in all parts of the world.

Our today’s feature is dedicated to a very unique BMW E36 convertible that went a long way from stock to what it is today thanks to the creative vision and the hard work of its current owner.

Pandem BMW E36 Convertible in tiffany fresh mint color

It started life as a red 1994 BMW 325i which luckily crossed its ways with a Bimmer guy and a certified mechanic Zac Spady, from Edmonton Alberta, who was knowledgeable and creative enough to turn it into a real eye-candy.

Beautiful Inozetek crystal blue wrap and Rocket Bunny style overfenders are the first things that catch everyone’s eyes. Despite being a pretty radiacal motorsports-inspired add-on, Pandem widebody kit suits the E36 in a surprisingly awesome way. It just looks right on the car from every angle, especially in the combination with the M3 style front and rear bumpers

“The car sits low on a full Airlift 3p setup with 3/8 lines and a set of staggered ESR VS10-T 3-piece wheels.”

Except for the wide bodywork and other visual modifications, it features pretty extensive upgrades in the performance department. Thanks to the N54 engine swap, DOC race single turbo kit, and other mods it gives out about 600WHP!

ESR VS10-T 3-piece wheels (18x9 front and 18x11.5 rear)

Why have you decided to buy a convertible?

– There were a few reasons but the biggest reason being that it was something different. I like building very unique cars, as I see ts as art more than anything else. Good condition E36 convertibles are already fairly rare themselves, so I thought that doing a crazy build on one would make something really special.

Why did you choose a BMW 325i?

– Not really the car in any way, but I have a really hard time parting with my projects, so my last project was a 1-series with the single turbo, and instead of selling it and restarting, I decided to tear the engine out of it and swap it into the E36 so I could keep a part of it, just in a different car.

Turbocharger BMW E36 M54

What inspired you to bring it to the current state?

– Two major reasons. One being that I always wanted a wide-body car ever since they started popping up in more of a streetcar orientation. I saw a widebody Targa Porsche on Instagram one day and got super inspired but wanted to throw my own twist on it. I love BMW’s and the E36/46 are my favorite models, so I just went for it. Took me about a week to tear the engine out of my car and find the convertible after I wanted to do it. Another big reason is that I feel like most builds people are doing now are all more alike than they are different, and I wanted to do something that stands out.

What challenges did you face while putting it together?

– Buying it was very smooth, putting it together was a nightmare. I’m a certified tech and did every single last thing on the car over an 8-month span and it was a shit show lol. The hardest part was definitely getting the engine with the single turbo kit inside the e36. There is about an inch of room on every side of the engine, which was a nightmare to get in.

“The hardest part was definitely getting the engine with the single turbo kit inside the e36”

BMW E36 ESR VS10-T 3-piece wheels

What do you love about your car?

– I’m honestly extremely happy with how it turned out and love everything about it. The things I love the most would be the widebody and color combo with the interior. The dual external waste-gates sound also doesn’t get old.

Is it your daily or a weekend ride?

– It’s just a weekend ride

How often do you drive with the top down?

I only drive with the top down

BMW E36 n54 engine swap doc race single turbo kit twin scroll precision 6266

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1994 BMW 325i Specs


  • N54 engine swap
  • Doc race single turbo kit
  • Twin scroll precision 6266
  • Vtto front facing manifold
  • Makes 600whp~


  • Full airlift 3p setup with 3/8 lines
  • Custom driveshaft
  • Brembo 6 pot front 2 pot rears


  • ESR VS10-T 3-piece wheels (18×9 front and 18×11.5 rear)


  • Pandem widebody kit
  • M3 front and rear bumpers
  • Shaved and painted engine bay
  • Wrapped in inozetek crystal blue
  • Freshly installed soft top

BMW E36 Wide Body Fenders


  • Flocked dash and centre console
  • Custom upholstered interior in white
  • NRG forged quick release
  • NRG wooden and black offset wheel

What are your future plans about this car?

– Going to get the figment more dialed in so that it has a bit more drivability. There are some interior parts that need to be fixed because I don’t like the way they are and make the engine bay a little cleaner with how it’s wired and plumbed.

Anything else you would like to share about your car or about convertibles in general?

– It’s a love-hate relationship with my car.

BMW E36 Convertible M-Style front bumper

Watch the progress and find out more about this BMW 325i project by visiting the Instagram profile of the owner: @e82who!

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